Get Ready for the 2021 Survey

The Employee Engagement Survey is an opportunity for everyone to offer feedback about working at the University of Minnesota. The pandemic and increased response to racism and racial bias have had dramatic effects on our job responsibilities, systems, processes, and norms. The workplace will continue to change as more faculty and staff return to campus and Work. With Flexibility. plans are implemented.

The 2021 Employee Engagement Survey is a chance for all faculty and staff to share their perspective about their work experience during the pandemic and the transition to our post-pandemic environment. Data from the survey will help you understand the areas in which your team is thriving as well as where they need attention and action.

The next Employee Engagement Survey will take place from October 11–29.

When employees see that their supervisor supports engagement and has taken action based on their feedback, they’re more likely to continue to offer feedback because they feel heard and are more satisfied.

Communicate How You Worked to Support Employee Engagement Through the Pandemic

You likely did many things during the pandemic to support employee engagement. You can help your team get ready for the survey by summarizing all the things your workgroup did to support employee engagement during the pandemic and review them with your team. Use this guide to get started.

Encourage Participation in the 2021 Employee Engagement Survey

Data from the survey will be important in understanding the faculty and staff perspective on the impact of the pandemic on the work environment as well as where to make meaningful changes and where to continue current practices.  

Continue to Foster Engagement

As we move closer to a post-pandemic world, it will be important to continue to take action to support employee engagement.