Take the Survey

The Employee Engagement Survey is an opportunity for everyone to offer feedback about working at the University of Minnesota. 

On Monday, October 11 benefits-eligible faculty and staff will receive an email from UofMNSurvey@qualtrics-survey.com with a unique link to the survey. Employees should respond to the survey during working hours and there are things you can do to encourage the faculty and staff you supervise to do so. 

Why Support the Survey

  • Data from the survey will be important in understanding the faculty and staff perspective on the impact of the pandemic on the work environment as well as where to make meaningful changes and where to continue current practices.  
  • The more faculty and staff who participate in the survey, the more robust the data will be.
  • Supervisors with five or more faculty or five or more staff members who complete the survey will receive a report in early 2021.

Ideas and Resources to Encourage Participation

Send an email to your faculty and staff using this template.

Talk about the survey during faculty and staff meetings. Use these talking points to guide your conversation.

Dedicate time during the workday for everyone to complete the survey.

Summarize Your Engagement Actions

Share the things you've done to support engagement through a quick email, at team meetings or retreats, and during one-on-one meetings with your employees.

When employees see that their supervisor supports engagement and has taken action based on their feedback, they’re more likely to continue to offer feedback because they feel heard and are more satisfied.

Survey Response Rates

  • Employee Engagement Survey response rates by campus and college or unit are will be updated daily and posted at z.umn.edu/engagementresponserates.
  • You can check with your local HR department to find out the number of responses in your workgroup.
  • Information about whether specific people have responded to the survey is not available to anyone at the University.