Take Action

Now that you have your Employee Engagement survey results, it’s important to remember that a survey alone does not create positive change. Involving leaders, faculty, and staff in discussing the feedback and deciding how to take action is what can create positive change in the work environment. Remember that disengagement begins when people who take time to provide feedback or respond to a survey don’t hear back from their leaders, so share the results with your team and plan some actions based on the feedback you have.

The resources below can help you in the action planning.

Action Library

The library provides ideas and resources organized by each survey driver. We recommend no more than 2-3 actions in total. One of your actions should be to celebrate and sustain an existing strength. The remaining actions should address the areas for improvement that support your strategic priorities.

View Action Library

Create an Action Plan

We have created a downloadable PDF that will guide you through an action plan for addressing employee engagement. To fill in the PDF version digitally, download the file and open it in your browser or PDF reader. 

  Action Plan Template Download (PDF) link